Everything You Need to Know Concerning Solar Racking and Mounting


Many people tend to believe that a complete solar energy system means having the photovoltaic cells, inverter, battery, and other components of a solar panel. You must find a good solar racking and mounting system to complete the setup.Every type of solar energy setup be it in an industrial setting or a home, requires a solar panel mounting systems.

Solar panels ought to be mounted at a particular angle to be able to capture the highest amount of sunlight. An energy system that captures a high amount of sunlight will have a greater chance to be at its most efficient and effective. Photovoltaic cells are sensitive to changing environment temperature. Solar panel mounting systems provide some level of protection to the cells and thus extending their useful lifetime and boosting their energy efficiency. In general, The mountings ensure these cells are protected from premature damage caused by accidental falls, temperature changes as well as other natural elements.

The market today has a wide variety of solar panel mounting systems available in all sorts of sizes and shapes depending on their use. To help you determine the right type of solar panel mounting system; you need to consider some factors. These include house orientation, roofing material, weather patterns, the capacity of load the system can bear, and shading. Once you look at these factors; it will be easy to decide whether to use pole, roof, ground or flush mounts.

Tracking mounts are popular mounts well-known for their efficiency. They are quite impressive as they are intelligent systems that can help a solar panel follow the position of the sun. There are those that work on a single axis moving from east to west, and others that can move in any direction to capture the maximum amount of sunlight possible. There are two types of tracking systems. Passive systems do not require a motor to change the panel’s direction. An active tracking system uses an electrical motor to run on.

Ground or roof-mounted solar systems are the most common since they are the most affordable and yet provide one of the most efficient methods of collecting sunlight. Find out for further details on Solar panel mounting system right here!

Flush mounts are simple metal brackets that attach to the solar panel and elevate it off the roof. They cannot hold large panels and are not adjustable, so you need to think carefully about where to place your panel before mounting.

Pole mounts are commonly used when the array cannot be mounted on a building. Types of pole mounts include top of pole and side of pole.

Some of the best practices guaranteed to enable you to enjoy clean, affordable, and renewable energy for an extended period with less maintenance costs. These are sufficient but do not provide the same ability as tracking solar mounts.


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